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Both of you suppress a lot of anger. What starts out as an all-consuming love affair may not have any staying power, but you both enjoy the lust while it lasts. If you enjoy reading about compatibilities between Zodiac signs and Zodiac sign love matches, make sure the browse the following pages too:. Read, reflect and be inspired. If you find something of value on our Aries compatibility page, enjoy its gifts and please pass it on to your friends. February 19 - March Home About Dr. Privacy Policy. Aries Woman — Scorpio Man You may not be the ideal pair, but your similar defiant natures fascinate each other.

Aries Woman — Scorpio Woman What starts out as an all-consuming love affair may not have any staying power, but you both enjoy the lust while it lasts. All Rights Reserved. Phases of the Moon. He immediately asked me out! We went out twice in one day.. He was intense and there was Fire from the first moment we saw each other! It took everything inside of me to go home alone! I am a 12 year old libra girl crushing badly on a 12 year old scorpio boy, but I cant tell if he likes me. But what if he never asks? How do I get him to like me? Being 12 years old is an awkward age for this sort of stuff.

I know waiting for a boy to show interest and act on it may as well be like waiting for it to rain on a sunny day.. If he is always looking at you or smiling at you, then there is a good indication. If not, talk to him or say Hi and smile. Is he still single? Good luck sweety.. Girls rule, boys drool!! He comes off as more of a romantic then i do only because of past relationships for me i naturally have a guard up. Ooooh what a wonderful man he truly is!

We have been together since the 8th grade and our love still feels pure. I am a Scorpio man in a relationship with a Libra woman. The problem is our individual baggage: we each have our own histories from past relationships and it affects our responses, reactions and interactions — and our trust. Dump the baggage! I am a libra woman.. I cannot as it is too soon.

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I can say he is very protective, sensitive, and charismatic already.. Libra Lady whose Scorpio Man just joined the Navy, signing up for five years. We spent all our time together before he left and became closer than ever. This July being a full year for us while he is in boot camp. I told him I would wait for him, but he went on saying five years is a long time.

He wants me to live like he is never coming back. My mind and heart still cannot balance this out. In all reality he may find someone else, or worse-not come home. He did not have money before going in, which I understood talk about marriage was as far as it would go with no money for the union. At this point I wait, working on loving the uncertainty of life feeling up and down with emotionswhirling every which way. So true as long as we are together, but what happened to me recently, is totally devastating.

We lived together happily for seven months and he had to go home for some family issues. His family is far away. After two weeks he dumped me, and was already in contact with another woman. I can not recognize him anymore. Still love her, but ready to let go completely. Libra woman who date scorpio man for 8 years.

She wants you not to let her go. She wants you to show her that you need her. He is sooooo roma tic and Iam so not. He lets me be the dominant one in relationship which is driving me crazy. He touched my butt afze r two months. Like seriously -. I have a girlfriend and her zodiac is libra, I find it interesting now that there some words that exactly fits in our condition right now. When we first met I came on to him very Strong. Since the first night we have been inseparable. I find myself thinking of him all throughout the day an night.

After reading this love capability, I come to find this very true. I feel like he will be the one man that I have been praying for an will bring out the best in me. He is someone special. In my heart I really feel connected to him. We talk about any an everything really no subject is off line. He will be my protector. I am a Libra woman. He knows my dreams and aspirations as well as my darkest memories. Conversation flows naturally, and from the beginning I always shared something I never expected to.

We look like innocent children around each other. Both have had relationships that singed us severely. He closed himself off to most people in general for a long time, except for me, and sometimes I get intimidated by that kind of wall.

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He was taken aback and looked like he was going to be sick, so I immediately dropped the matter. The main thing that I can say is that it definitely is work, but for me, lifechanging in the best possible ways. My first love was a scorpio! But hopefully me and scorp can remain really good friends like Ashanti and Nelly, I think he will always have a special place in his heart for his beautiful Libra!

I am a Libra woman in a loving relationship with a Scorpio man and this describes us perfectly. He is intense, intense, intense and definitely keeps me on my toes. My Scorpio man is incredibly sweet and extremely sensitive and a bit secretive. Getting to the heart of his feelings is like pulling teeth, so patience is definitely a necessity.

There are times when he needs a lot space to be alone with his thoughts and I honor that because I know that he loves me.

He is extremely protective and yet allows me the space to just be me. Libras love the closeness and intimacy of a relationship but definitely need to maintain their independence in order to be happy. The level of trust that we have for each other is strong and I would never do anything to jeopardize that because to do so would literally crush him. We are definitely a great match. Well,reading all of this I had to make an account to disagree about Libra women and Scorpio men NOT being a good pair.

Yes, it does take a lot of work for the two to be happy in the long run. BUT, i swear it all works out in the end. We both have 2 children with our youngest both being 5. He made me laugh, which I love and I could tell that he was very interested in getting to know me and the real me.

I just hope all is true!!!!!! I would say if you want her to break… Show her your anger and demand her respect. Dont underestemate your persuavisness. If this wont un-frieze her immediatly just let it be. She sencess your dark-side and if your not showing it to her then she may feel as if your not completly devoted but still in control of your emotions and because off that she cant give her all. Doing stuff for her doesnt do the trick.. You as a scorpio guy have the right personality to melt her.

Just dont over analyze it but feel..

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Shock her a little with your hidden self hihi. Help her get back in her heart.. She is in to you cause she spends all this time with you but she just thinks to much and still attached to her hurt feelings in the past so a bit affraid to look foreward. This is how i feel right now and dating a scorpio guy… whe just met eachother again after being friends in the past. Maybe this will help you a little.

Good luck demetris. But I would never had thought that I would be in love with a Scorpio because this is my first time ever dating one. But it was strange on how we had met. Because we knew the same people and hung around the same people but we never crossed each other paths.

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But until October 29, I have met the love of my life. All I can say is that it was love a first sight. He treats me like queen. I never believe love in first sight and now that I can say that I really do. So If you are a libra female and you looking for that right one then find a Scorpio male you want be dissapointed. Because they are to die for. I love my scorpio male with the depths of my heart. This really just made me cry because I just met one recently with me just taking this little waitress job on the side. When I heard his voice over the phone I really felt it then.

It was something about his voice that just sparked something in me. I thank you for expressing your thoughts because it really gave me hope to my own situation. TheScorpio Lots of emotional drama here. See Love and Emotions are two different things and in fact they are enemy to each other. There are a few ways — — Healthy food — Physical exercises — Breathing exercises — Understanding of Love. Breathing exercises have a great importance, they will significantly improve quality of your life in all areas.

One thing that i also have a problem with in thsi relationship is spite. I feel like she acts certains ways just to make me upset sometimes and i think this is why i feel like i could leave her at any moment. I am a scorpio maybe this isnt part of my zodiac description but i forget nothing.

I remember all the times she has made me upset and when we fight i remember them all at once and explode so hard… i feel so ashamed after. I feel like im just gonna damage her beyond repair and i dont want that. I guess im lazy or just too emotional to have a girl liek this… Basically; should i leave her? I feel that once i see her completely destroyed and lost that i will realize how much she will love me…. ANd that fear is ripping me apart. One thing that i hate i am but cant seem to escape from is jealousy.

I am sooo damn jealous of my libra and i dont know why sometimes. This deep rooted jealousy and mistrust has made me so depressed. SHe makes me so happy when i am with her but we only get to see eachother weekends if that. When i do i feel happy but i find myself getting bored of her easily. I feel like i havent full opened up to myself and to her to put enough value in our relationship. I prepare myself everyday to just end it and i dont know why. I make her so happy i make her cry, she writes me cards and makes them by hand but i cant seem to put this jealousy away.

It drives me nuts i have never been this depressed in my life. Its like all i wanted was a girl i could trust and now i feel like i cant trust them at all. I sometimes think about being completely alone and that thought actually makes me happier but i know that deep down i would rather die than live without her. She makes me feel so good and confident in who i am and i do the same for her. When we fight i can be VERY nasty to her and she doesnt know to leave me alone.

Its like she has to be there with me and make the situation better or its like she loses control. She violated my privacy early in the relationship by geting into my email and facebook. SHe dug up as much dirt as she could and she never told me until i figured out one time out of the blue…. I found this to be horrible at the time but i soon got over it.

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Months down the road everything is good but i cant get over this feeling i get. Maybe i have my own personaility disorder but i cannot give up on this girl. I read thise stuff that the chinese calendar says this is the worst realtionship and cannot happen but i refuse to accept that. I make her feel like she is an angel and that empowers me so much to see tears of joy on her face or a smile so big and her eyes so glazed over….

God this is a hard relationship but calender or not i dont give a fcuk i want her and that is that. Thescorpio: Your jealousy will without doubt make her run for the hills, she makes you cards an stuff? Grow up fella and put all that wasted energy into positive energy and that means the pair of you, you think your jealous now oh dear my friend you will have a big shock coming if she leaves you cause of it.

I am in a relationship with a Scorpio Man. I have already seen the jealous and Suspicious side of him and the Cold shoulder he can give sometimes! I am still so inlove with him though! This is very true! Scorpion man is moody, jealous and suspecious!!! Scorpio man does not show his feeling as all as oppose to libra who likes to share and show her feeling , I proved that when we were in a process of divorce with my ex — husband.

I was depressed under treatment of depression and whe i look at him he was like fine with the situation up until one day forget his safe keys at home and I open his safe and I found out we are in the same treatment , he is taking the medication that I was taking but when you saw him you will see a happy men with no problems but inside …all I can say is that I agree with jenny when she says if you really want and need eachother — let nature take its course and be mature about handling diffrences.

Know that a person irregardless of zodiac sign has blind spots in our personality, hurs, disappointments etc. I agree and i did prove that to myself that Libra women and Scorpio man make a lovely couple. The first two weeks were wonderful. I never had the sensation of floating on a cloud. Burning in HELL is a closer discription. My advice — RUN!!!!!!!! I am libra and my husband is Scorpio.

We have been married for 23 years and are in process of divorce. My marriage has been rocky since the first day of our marriage. When we are dating it was electrifying and romantic but once got married, there were thousands of ups and downs. I liked him and I wanted to make my life with him.

My family gave in and accepted him. Finally we are at the point where we cannot stand each other and getting divorce. According to Chinese calender for compatibility this match cannot happen and the worst match in the zodiac. I have also visited my other sites for compatibility and for libra woman they say Scorpio cannot be the combination.

If you are libra woman and have great relationship with scorpio please write about it I would be very much interested reading it. I have been with my Scorpio man for five years now. We have been married for three.

Our life together is beautiful, we get along very well and we understand eachother more. He is intense and needs that from me too now and then. This article and all your stories have helped me so much, thank you. His response, MUTE!! How has this article and your stories helped? Please all of you, hope and pray for me that he will eventually let his barrier down, open up and share his feelings and reciprocate mine. I love him, I love him, I love him. We moved in together and we are making plans to have out first chil.

Is really gud to have such luv life. The majority of my crushes are scorpios because they keep me wanting more! I totally know that things are working out great with my scorpio man. We both are deeply in love with eachother. He has a great sense of loyalty and responsibilty towards me. I am a libra woman yet I have no problems between me and my man. I told this to him and he is so understanding that we are really happy together. He just wants me 2 b happy!!! You will not be disappointed. Do make him work for your attention though and yes, try and be patient.

Libra women are hardly patient lol. Do I give in and let him ravish and love me? Well, i did it. I ended it. Previously, i asked for some help, and commented about my situation. I waited it out until new years to see if i would see any change in my libra girl. Then xmas came, bought presents that other girls would envy of her, and also one particular present that i found on ebay, that had to do with her childhood. Then I woke up one day, smacked my face a little, and said, What the hell am i doing?

So i confronted her, asking her, where are we going with this. Then i asked, well do you even think you might give at some point in the near future? Anyways, so we ended it. An hour later she called me to see if i was alright. What do you think?? We had a routine going on for 4 months, with morning calls, work chats, and hanging out times a week. Only on her schedule, never on mine. I recently fell in love with Scorpio man, well we both feel in love with lots of intensity and beautiful lovemaking, sensual… you name it. He treated me like a queen. He only needed to touch me and I had butterflies in my stomach, everything about him was just very very romantic..

Never met a man like him.

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However this man was extremely suspicious, jealous, mistrusting, tight fisted, and easily hurt it just bewildered me. The relationship is now over but I will never forget how deeply intense this man was. Love between Scorpio man and Libra woman can work but the woman will need to learn patience and treat this very masculine man as the King. He also has put up with my flirtatous ways, not without fighting but still, he puts up with it.

Demetris — You are truly in love, and being emotionally weak and sensitive are actually good things. However, move ahead with caution. Atleast not at the price of your own self-respect and self-esteem. People with personality disorders are not normal, have very sharp minds, can fake things to a great extent to get what they want.

She was, is and will be the same way she is today, with you or anyone else. You have expressed your love for her in plenty of ways, and its her turn now. Keep doing and feeling things for her without having any expectations, even in far future. You are risking your emotional well-being here and outcomes could be worse than you can imagine. You deserve better mate, run away!! Im a Scorpio man dating a Libra woman. And the article hits the spot.

See the thing is here, is that i want a real relationship, i want to be loved, cared for , and to have someone close for once. Something Stable. We almost broke up, and tried to not talk to each other, for like a week to make up our minds if we actually want to be together or not. She from the beginning, told me, about her problem, and that she cant give, as much as i give her. I give her, compassion, passion, love, care, i treat her like a queen basically…like she deserves to be treated, but i get nothing back. I give her compliments daily and it comes from the heart.

She says, she still needs time, and that this will come to her naturally. Is it? Should i worry? Not everyone knows about us. When were together everything is fine, when were apart i get jealous of different thoughts. I always ask to see her…and when we were on our break, she was so nice to me, like to the point of saying, she actually misses me, which was hard to believe since, she never mentioned something nice like that after months. She can be cold at times, and when she realizes that , she becomes someone else, a very gentle, caring playful woman.

But to not want it official just yet, after 3 months, is killing me. What are your suggestions? By the way, sex is amazing, conversations are ok, and i make her smile and laugh and take real good care of her. I cook for her, massage her , etc. Ive been in an in and out relationship with my Scorpian for about 5 years. He does something for my emotional pleasure.

He makes me smile and I love his domineering nature. We understand the need for seperation and trust is not something to bother because we know what to expect from each other. As long as we understand our respect line. They love hard, so even if they slip away they will always be back.

A great thing is that he rarely misunderstands me, and when I misunderstand him he always tells me so and re explains. The best thing I think though is that he inspires me to be a better person. Anyway, good luck to you guys. Scorpio men suck. They are too secretive, too exhausting and too damn mean! Sorry but even though he made my legs shake! This article has really given me some insight. I generally tend to be the more expressive than her in a lot of ways because i figure theres no point in keeping my feeling and secrets away from the person i love.

I give her space lol caus its a long distance relationship and complement her often enough, although she is always trying to return the favor hahaha, and shes always right for some reason i just dont understand, even when she doesnt know! I know i can be a moody working on it caus it hurt alot of people and a bit jelous yes just a bit and im suspicious i keep thinking she is a CIA agent trying to extract info and a bit of a d! Yes it is true he is , moody, jealous and suspecious!!! Our LOVE is what keeps us balanced and wanting eachother helps beyond comprehension.

True LOVE in all its glory is what proves to be our glue, when all else fails. His communication is better then mine , probaly due to his confidence in general and stratigic observation. Please be mindful of the person in front of you and see the beauty of him. Basically we all want o be accepted, adored and appreciated at least thats how I feel about my Scorpio — he is wonderful and a once in a life GIFT!!!! I am a libra woman who just got out of a relationship with a Scorpio man.

We had even a further obstacle bc it was long distance. I have been in a long distance before, with a Pisces, it never went like it did with the Scorpio!!!! All I can say is Moody, moody, moody.

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I need peace and harmony at all times. I can be very much eye for an eye, so if you dish the no good to me, I will dish the no good back. I am aware of this and did my best to balance and neutralize negative situations, but I found myself in this task all on my own. It was a constant need to prove something to him. He never trusted, and out of this mistrust, he ended up entertaining another woman just because he suspected I had entertained another man.

Now this guy is so cool, easy, laid back, I have known him for some time before being more than just friends and he seems so easy and breezy. I love it! Although signs have their truths, remember, there can be variances. He would also get annoyed of my indecesive nature… later we broke up…i think i pushed him away and now he gives me cold stares n the silent treatment.. She is very outgoing, loyal, independent and active. Me active, outgoing, perfectionist.