January 14 horoscope daily

Well, at least you have diverse interests, which can be fun, given the right company and setting. Spend time with someone you care about -- if you're attracted to them, even better.

But don't waste energy trying to be what you think they want. Instead, be yourself, plain and simple. And don't worry -- this uneasy feeling will pass soon. A partnership has you feeling upset and self-protective, but try to control your extreme urges. A fresh point of view would help, too. Though you may not see it yet, there's plenty of room to meet in the middle. So do your best to calm down and compromise. Even if you have to fake it, you're sure to have better results than if you were more aggressive or less cooperative.

You might feel bursting with crystal-clear insight, but you're coming across as a little cocky and brash. Plus, your choice of subjects is more than a little bit tedious for everyone else. No wonder they're all fleeing for the exits as soon as you open your mouth!

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If this happens, don't raise your voice -- just take the hint, and stop talking. It's a good idea to change course and lighten up. Plus, listening to other people will make them more likely to listen to you. You're impressing everyone with your diligence and endurance.

At the moment, persistence could be your middle name, but you're aggressive in all the right ways. This isn't an ego trip for you.

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It's an expression of your finely tuned energies and practical sensibilities working in harmony toward a clear and meaningful goal. You're able to influence other people, including higher-ups, who are sure to be impressed with your performance. Everyone's looking to you for cues so prove yourself a strong leader.

Their satisfaction will equal your personal gain. Others see you as being too rigid when you don't bend to their will.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

You see them as thoughtless control freaks, and maybe that's why you scorn them so much. What starts out with trading cheap shots could turn into a major upheaval if you're not careful. Don't let it come to that. Lighten up today. You have a lot in common with these people, and it's not just in your way of doing battle. You may actually want some of the same things. Clear-thinking and getting straight to the point when you talk about ideas means you start your week in style at work or in the hunt for a new job.

As you start to secretly wonder if there is a soulmate for you, warm-hearted Jupiter can turn a so-so partnership into one rich in terms of emotions and passion. Pluto inspires you to ask the right questions about cash from the past and the answers you get could add luxury to your life.

Daily horoscope for Monday, January 14, 12222

Later on, love takes over and a relationship that has, at times, seemed shallow, begins to change into a deep and meaningful bond. Your willpower doubles and you have the mental agility and bargaining skills to make fast decisions so deals get done and contracts get signed. As for romance, the moon advises you to trust your feelings because analysing a partner too much can create love chills. An aspect of your personality surfaces that will surprise even those who know you best and your icy calm helps you complete a complex task. Later on, there are three love-linked decisions to make — and you get them right because you realise that no relationship is perfect but what you have is very, very good.

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Daily Horoscope For January 14th 2016

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