Capricorn astrology krs

Every error one makes under the influence of this Nakshatra is prone to be magnified due to the enormous capacity of this Nakshatra to influence the material world.

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Uttarashada is a slave to flattery and expects others to look after his welfare. Every action of his needs to be recognized by others otherwise he is dragged into a state of unhappiness. He is subjected to maximum happiness one moment and maximum unhappiness the next. Nothing seems impossible when one is working through the energies of this pada.


Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Ketu are especially potent here. Jupiter gives the best results.

Sun in 12th house in Capricorn for Aquarius ascendant in astrology

Planets placed here give nerves of steel. Mars and Saturn have the ability to best utilize the energies of this pada. The emphasis here is on accumulation, whether it be knowledge or material possessions. A strong attachment to the concept of family can be noticed in this pada.