Solar eclipse january 8 2020 indian astrology

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Jupiter Transit To Alandur

Add Custom Location. T Goto Today. Maximum of Lunar Eclipse - AM. Last Contact with the Penumbra - AM. Magnitude of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - 0. Other links related to Lunar Eclipse. Auspicious Yoga. April 13th During the early morning hours of April 13, , observers in Asia and North Africa will have a chance to witness a rare celestial event as an asteroid, Apophis, passes within 20, miles of Earth.

How to Catch the Next Eclipse: A List of Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020 and Beyond

The approach of an asteroid this large -- Apophis is more than 1, feet in diameter -- and this close to Earth occurs only about once every 1, years. Scientists are awaiting the close flyby with mixed emotions: excitement at a unique scientific opportunity and uneasiness that it might be a sign of more ominous things to come. In the accompanying diagram, the trajectory of the asteroid is shown as a blue line that passes near the Earth on 13 April Since the asteroid's position in space is not perfectly known at that time, the white dots at right angles to the blue line are possible alternate positions of the asteroid.

Neither the nominal position of the asteroid, nor any of its possible alternative positions, touches the Earth, effectively ruling out an Earth impact in At the time of the closest approach, the asteroid will be a naked eye object 3. A rare treat not witnessed since September 24th Jupiter enters Scorpio. Central eclipse time GMT. Visible from the UK. E-Mail here. Japan Aerospace manned Lunar Base project starts. All New Zealand cars will be hybrid, bio-fuel or electric this year.

May 31st Saturn at this time is conjunct the Pleiades. The Space Elevator construction project due to start this year. The 'ring of fire' passes just north of Daressalem and just north of Sri Lanka. June 7th to June 9th Seven planets clustered within a 20 degree arc in Gemini.

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June 28th Saturn conjunct Uranus 28 degrees Gemini last occurred 3 times in , before that in , next time will be in July 14th Saturn enters Cancer August 3rd Uranus first enters Cancer August 17th to 21st The 'rather rare' tight opposition of Mercury and Mars to Pluto last occured on July 15th The event was by far the tightest of these.

Curiously a cluster of Mercury and Mars opposite Pluto occurs in the s. The only other event in the 21st century occurs on Sep 20th Scandinavia will be in the best position to see that first event in the new series, but Canada and the United States will not get their next chance to see the moon hide Aldebaran again until Oct. This Supermoon is special because it will be 'the closest full moon to date in the 21st century', This last occurred on Nov 14th April 13th Easter Sunday. Close approach by asteroid Apophis has a 1 in chance of hitting the Earth today.

The moon will occult three planets Venus, Mars and Mercury and one first-magnitude star Regulus in less than hours. This will be the first time since September 18, and before that March 5, , that three planets have been occulted by the moon in less than one day. September 29th Saturn conjunct Spica.

Venus enters Sagittarius

The 'ring of fire' passes very close to Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia. The last two eclipses in the series, August and August were heavy partial eclipses that almost reached totality. Today's eclipse is the first in the series to reach totality. October 1st Occultation of Regulus by Venus. This last occurred on July 7th and will next occur on 21st Oct and possibly on October 6th February 2nd Saturn conjunct Antares 1st pass. A good reason to stay high and alive in order to observe it from the wintry hills of the UK.

Mars is conjunct Pluto in Pisces at that time.

Solar eclipse of July 2, 12222

Home Latest Update Archives Sutaka will be observed in India for this eclipse. The third solar eclipse will take place in Sagittarius and Mool Nakshatra during an Amavasya in the month of Paush. The annular solar eclipse which will be the last in the year will be visible in India and the rules of Sutaka must be followed during the event.

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On December 25, , one day before the eclipse, at hrs, the duration of Sutak will begin. It will continue till AM on December The duration of Sutak is critical to an eclipse.

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This period is considered inauspicious and many things are not supposed to be done during this time. Some of these include:.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

To get rid of malefic effects of Solar Eclipse, one must chant the following mantra during the eclipse. The impact of Grahan as well as Sutak is particularly felt by pregnant ladies, who are advised not to perform activities like. The period of Sutak is not considered good for doing something new.

However, there are things that must be performed during this time. Praying is equally effective during Sutak. Touching the idols is prohibited during this time but not worshipping. Chant Surya mantras and seek blessings from god.

After the eclipse and Sutak period is over, one must exercise the following practices:. Hope you liked this article on solar eclipse