Scorpio love horoscope for february 1 2020

Pluto is the lord of the underworld—bully is an understatement. Sure, both Mars and Pluto have positive aspects to them: Mars is currently in Aries, where it's confident and brave, and Pluto is currently in Capricorn, where it's all about transforming structures within society, how we spend money, and how we use our resources. But when Mars and Pluto get stressed out, the atmosphere is stormy, to put it nicely. Watch out for arguments today: mean text messages, nasty emails, and bitchy comments.

Be careful during your commute, and definitely expect some delays or some temper tantrums if something needs to be rescheduled. Power struggles will definitely come up, and manipulative tactics will be employed.

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Control issues will be major on this date. Work with this potent and overwhelming energy by being honest and kind, refusing to participate in violent dialogues, and bringing in an unbiased third party to help mediate—it's hard to be a controlling, manipulative jerk if some random person is watching you do it! For example, if you're fighting with your partner, drag them to a therapist with you. Powerful transformations and changes can take place today if we find the right ways to address the issues that pop up.

Decan 1 Scorpio 2020 Horoscope

Both of these transits will illuminate the sector of your chart that's all about fun, parties, romance, and creativity! Too bad there will be an eclipse on February 26 in Pisces, which will totally intensify everything.

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Like you, Pisces is a Water sign, and when there's an eclipse in a Water sign, the vibe is weepy as hell. A magnificent new beginning around romance, having fun, and making art is on the way, even though this eclipse will be very emotional. People will be ultra sensitive during this eclipse, so be gentle with others and yourself. Again, eclipses bring things to light, so expect a massive breakthrough.

In fact, the vibe could even be a bit paranoid—blame Pisces! But trust that everything is going down the way it's supposed to.

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Eclipses bring us closer to destiny, if you believe in that kind of thing, Scorpio. This eclipse will especially hectic, because also on this day, Mars will meet with Uranus, the planet of shock and surprise.

Don't expect anything to go as planned, and keep your schedule wide open. Overexertion and intellectual exhaustion take them by surprise when they start falling apart. They should take some free time to take care of themselves, relax, and be in a comfortable place. Mars instills them with resources of undying energy that ravages them from the inside. The likelihood of remaining burned is next to impossible. People often concentrate on the most important things before even acknowledging the existence of other responsibilities. This is exactly why Scorpios should take a good look at what they have to do this year, and set a priority list.

Lifestyle, diet, physical activity, professional tasks or romantic getaways, not all of them are as important as the others.

SCORPIO 2020 - 2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

They should remain healthy if they simply follow a strict code of conduct. Being impulsive and spontaneous brings certain downsides by putting them in difficult situations. They have to be accountable for their actions, and some things are too pricey in this life. Instead, Scorpios should take a step back and be more mature. Professionally, while mistakes are acceptable sometimes, persisting in failure is akin to stupidity. They need to demonstrate their worth both to themselves and to others, and this starts with a single step towards their goals.

Scorpio people will have very good family relationship this year, mainly because of Jupiter sending down healing energy. Some health problems might arise from time to time though. The beginning of the year presents many conflicting situations within the family or couple.

Instead of falling to an agreement, they keep on persisting on their different opinions. Scorpios have to find the common ground and pacify everyone. When it comes to family, there are certain things you should put more focus on. The latter part of the year finds these natives traveling to other countries, either with work interests or on personal vacations.

Scorpio 2020 Love Horoscope

Planet Saturn makes all of this possible. You may explore connecting with new people, changing your approach to commitment and relationships, and feel more open to unconventional people and unconventional relationships. However you feel about relationships and commitment may flip over the coming years. And existing relationships can experience many changes, some for the better and some not.

Be flexible! You may want strong emotional bonds, but need to not be too intense or suffocate your loved ones to get that. Try to channel passion in a positive way. A Lunar Eclipse occurs in this sector November 30th, and you can figure out what needs to be worked on, who stays, and who may fade away. Want to become a love astro ninja?

2020 Scorpio Horoscope

Get started by signing up for the mini class, Intro to Love Astrology! Scorpio Career and Money Horoscope. Mars is in your money sector to start the year through mid-February, and this can help you focus on getting your finances in order for the year. You can make financial plans and decisions, important purchases, or get financial advice. You may work on making more money and improving your financial situation, and you can take on a second job, side gig, or turn a hobby into something profitable.

Mars will be in your work sector July through the end of the year, and is in this sector for so long because Mars will retrograde in this sector September to mid-November.

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You may have to deal with some work issues, and can feel extra frustrated by the work you do. Co-workers, bosses, employees, and partners may be a challenge for you. It can be a good time to do work that you did in the past, or reconnect with old places you work at. Scorpio Home and Family Horoscope. Mercury retrogrades in your home and family sector very briefly, for less than a week to start March, and you may need to work on a brief hiccup at home or with family, and give yourself more emotional support to handle it.