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They are often trendsetters who make up their own rules as they go along and their free-thinking, pioneering style will often startle others. Tending to be loners, they also know how to blend in when they want to, and their conversation is always colorful and interesting. The big problem, however, is that they tend to talk more than they act; if there is no follow-through people may dismiss them as dreamers not doers. To a certain extent this is true, as they are so creative and original they tend to get lost in their ideas.

Until the age of forty-four they will often feel a need to be more practical and realistic in their approach to their goals.

Birthday Horoscope December 7th

They should pay attention to this because their tendency to flit from job to job or to stick with a job to which they are clearly unsuited can cause them great unhappiness. After the age of forty-five there is a turning point when their desire to express their individuality will be stronger than ever. Alternatively, they may decide to seek satisfaction and fulfillment outside of work; if this is the case they need to make sure that they do not compromise too much of their spirit for the sake of financial security.

Conformity will never be for them, but these people need to find what makes their heart sing.

It would truly be a tragedy if the world did not benefit from their unique but truly magical creativity. People born on December 7 Zodiac have highly romantic expectations when it comes to affairs of the heart, and the quest for a soul mate will have begun from an early age. Relationships have to be meaningful for them and as long as they find an intelligent, idealistic partner who can keep up with their quick mind and ever-expanding search for knowledge, they can be spontaneous, passionate and loyal partners.

The more people born on this day can escape into the countryside the better, because nature has a calming and uplifting effect on them. If they live in the city they should seek out local parks, and make sure there are plenty of plants in their living and working area. Classical music is also highly therapeutic when they are suffering from the bouts of stress and anxiety to which they are prone.

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Mixing with people who are upbeat, positive and focused will encourage them to find a sense of purpose and direction for themselves, and they should stay away from people who are negative or cynical in their approach to life. As far as diet is concerned, they should make sure they always eat breakfast because missing it can unsettle their metabolism, leading to weight gain, especially around the waist and thighs.

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Regular moderate to mild exercise, in particular walking, is also recommended. Placing a titanium quartz crystal near them at home or at work, or carrying a small crystal when they meditate, will help them find their true path in life.

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These people are well suited to careers in which they can act independently. If you are a person born on this day, opening a business or being an entrepreneur is a well-suited career for you. They are just two of the many well-known people who share the same birthday as you. Your ability to draw on problems and create something good out of them pays off tremendously in business.

You have to remember that business success all boils down to your ability to offer solutions to problems. People are not going to hand you their money because they have nothing else better to do. Your ability to turn tension, distrust, negativity, and problems into something positive pays off tremendously when it comes to business. You are able to spot problems and turn them into opportunities. This is the number one skill of any entrepreneur worth his or her salt.

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  • You have this skill in spades. They are never afraid to consider new ideas. They are also very infectious people when it comes to positivity. People born on this day listen to their instincts and they are lucky to meet the right people along the way. This trait usually brings them success in their endeavors.

    Love and Compatibility for December 7 Zodiac

    People born on this day are direct individuals and are very friendly. However, there are times when they seem to be reserved. Their friends would say that they are humble beings. No matter how successful they become, they just keep it on their own and not brag about it. One of the things that people born on December 7th need to change is their tendency to be gullible and trusting. They have to understand that not all people they meet mean them good. They can also be superstitious at times.

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    Never bite off more than you can chew. You know your capabilities. You know that you have a way of turning something negative into something positive. With that said, there is a limit to that ability. Your best bet is to not get impatient. Try to take baby steps. Try to tackle small, sequential problems until they get bigger and bigger. The problem is there is a breaking point. Know your appetite for risk and your core competencies.

    When you end up overextending yourself, things can blow up. Do yourself a favor and avoid situations where you could mess up so badly that you doubt yourself. This celestial body is known to influence dynamism and temper.