Scorpio horoscope 13 february

A new stage of creative opportunities is opening in your life which will place you in the ideal place to solve your problems bravely although it is true that there will be some temporary delays. You are taking steps on the right path. A short trip is coming.

Laments and defeatist attitudes do not solve anything. Do not wait any longer and do what you must do to turn any negative situation into a positive one. Love There is someone close to you waiting for your expressions of human warmth and to show you more of your love. Your occupations are limiting you and this estrangement can ruin the flowering of a good relationship. Health Gastric heaviness? Eat something light, nothing copious or strong and avoid alcoholic drinks at dinner.

The lunar transit acts directly on the liquids of your body and this astral incidence could cause you metabolic imbalances if you exceed what you do. Work If your work is for commissions you could expect a good income even if you do not leave home.

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Scorpio daily horoscope - 12 November 12222

If you are unemployed do not worry and use free time to conduct market research and send letters to potential employers. This can be your great week of job success.

Scorpio Horoscope - Scorpio Weekly Horoscope From 13th February 2017

Money and Luck You will be presented with good opportunities to demonstrate your commercial talent. However, if you act with distrust you could compromise a business and see suspicions everywhere.

Today's Birthday

Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of the opportunity to share opinions with people of different ideas. Dangerous trend of Tuesday in your Scorpion sign: the propensity to jealousy, possessive ideas. The whole mood of the day encourages formal settings, traditional behaviour and conservative values, so do try to fit in. It may even be fun to enter into the fantasy of living in a past age.

Sabian Symbol

Your home and working life are well starred, but you must be aware of an approaching financial crisis. Get your affairs in order and act now if there are any outstanding bills to pay or loans to call in. The tension is now building up, as it does once or twice a month when the planets form certain intriguing patterns. You are now reaching a moment of decision and will at last be forced to get off the fence. And that, I should think, is no bad thing at all!

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 13th February

You may feel reasonably justified in expecting a response to a recent interview or at the very least an answer to an important question. However, planetary activity over the coming days is due to muddy the waters even further. Plus, you should be able to start dealing with real, underlying problems.

Any changes that you are anxious to put into effect may involve more people than you at first thought. This is why you must grit your teeth and discuss even your personal plans with friends and acquaintances.

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On the other hand, when partners are so reluctant, do you really need their support? It is at the most trivial level that your grand plans are capable of coming unstuck. So, issues of principle are all very well, but you would be advised to focus on routine and mundane details. Restless conditions may make it difficult to settle down, so it may be better to get around and explore fresh possibilities.