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Desire to do good deeds. All which is true for him and has a philanthophist as well.

Mukesh Ambani - Celebrity biography, zodiac sign and famous quotes

The lord of third house guru or Jupiter is in the house of gains. This ensures that he gains mostly from all his endeavors. Though Jupiter also rules 6 th — so some of his views and endeavors could land him into conflict and courts. As we know he was in conflict with this brother as well for some time.

Assessing the Strength of Significators in KP astrology

Eleventh House or labha Bhava effects for Mukesh Ambani and year for Mukesh ambani and his Jio initiative: The eleventh house or labha bhava effects have been covered already above. His reliance Jio initiative is a clear indicator of the same. Rahu here gives him a non conventional streak that is very obvious in Jio initiative he is trying to do.

The house of luck having association with the ascendant gave him extraordinary good luck, wealth and lifelong prosperity. In Vedic —astrology Gajkesary-Yog is considered very auspicious and has been observed in many charts giving wealth, happiness, name and fame. This auspicious yoga gave tremendous wealth, name and fame to the native. It is noteworthy that the yoga causing planets viz.

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Moon and Jupiter are placed in the ascendant and the house of profession respectively. This gives further strength to this yoga and raised the financial and social status of the native through his professional excellence 10th house and personal enterprise 1st house.

Making it to the rich list involves hard work.

This yoga is further crowned by the fact that it is also formed in the navamsha chart involving the house of profession 10th and the house of trading and administration 7th. So if my predictions about him do go wrong then I am sorry to the readers who are giving time to read this article.

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Daily Horoscope. Mukesh Ambani was born in Moola star 4 th quarter and Scorpio ascendant he ran the dasa of ketu from childhood. He is now running his rahu mahadasha till and then his Jupiter dasa will begin. Check Hindu Panchang to know lucky days, shubh muhurat, marriage muhurat, grah pravesh muhurat and much more.

His lagna is aspected by the lagna lord Mars, the lord of third house Saturn is posited in his ascendant.

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This is a not so good period in general because Rahu is not a friendly planet towards moon and moon is always afraid of Rahu as said in some old texts. Ketu in this horoscope of Mukesh Ambani is not aspected by any planet but it is conjoined with Sun, Venus, Mercury and thus it becomes the significator of houses 7, 10, 12, 8, 11 and 6 and thus moon also becomes the significator of all these houses.

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